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Home tap replacement for several years is good

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Home tap replacement for several years is good

 Many people believe that the household faucet does not leak water, and it can be used for a lifetime. In fact, the quality of the faucet is closely related to the health of the family and even to the economy of life. There are several situations in which users recommend that you change your faucet at home: Already arrived: It's best to replace the tap for more than five years.

For drinking water faucets, no matter how good the quality is, if it takes a long time, there will be different levels of corrosion, which will increase the amount of lead precipitated. Therefore, it is recommended that the drinking water faucet should be renewed in five years or so, as far as the laundry is concerned. Drinking taps can be used for a longer period of time, which is not essential.


The water flow becomes smaller: less water does not necessarily save energy or it may be bad!


Many users may suddenly find that the faucet of their own home seems to be smaller than the previous one. It would be too lazy to change the usage without affecting the use of the faucet. It feels like this will save you a little more water. In fact, the truth is not like this! The smaller the flow, there may be a problem with the valve, or it may be that the slag has blocked the interior, and timely replacement of the new faucet is a wise choice!

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