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Faucet manufacturers teach you, the secret of the faucet's longevity

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 10, 2018

Faucet manufacturers teach you, the secret of the faucet's longevity

Faucets are an indispensable necessities for household use. After choosing a faucet, if maintenance is something that many people do not understand, then faucet manufacturers professionals will teach you!


Improper use of faucets can also affect their useful life. This is also the most troublesome thing for many people. In fact, this is not a difficult task. As long as the correct installation, use, and maintenance of the faucet are used, the actual service life of the faucet can be extended and it can always be bright as new. Then let the experts introduce the secrets of several taps to prolong life!

One: Please have experienced and qualified professionals to install

When installing, the faucet should try not to collide with hard objects, and do not leave cement, glue, etc. on the surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss. If it is a new house, the water supply pipe network is a new shop, there will certainly be sand and other impurities in the water. Before installation, pay attention to the removal of debris in the pipeline, long time until the water becomes clear to install the tap.

Second, Guan Jin Er is not necessarily closed strictly

Many people are used to deliberately turning off the tap after using the faucet. This is very undesirable. This will not only prevent leaks, but will cause damage to the seal valve, causing the faucet to shut down.


 Third, good habits guarantee integrity as new

Avoid rust, usually wipe the surface of the faucet after use; there are generally more prominent faucets, so be careful not to bump or press it when you put items.

Fourth, the water flow is small to clear impurities

In the case where the water pressure is not less than 0.02 mpa, if the amount of water is found to be reduced, it may be that the inside of the water tap is clogged. The solution is to use a wrench to gently unscrew the nozzle cover of the water tap at the water outlet of the faucet. After cleaning the impurities, carefully install it. Generally, it can be restored.

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