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Faucet manufacturers shopping guide: The advantages and choice of hot water faucet tips

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Faucet manufacturers shopping guide: The advantages and choice of hot water faucet tips

When consumers first purchase and install the quick-heat faucet at the faucet manufacturer, if they are the side-entry faucet, the faucet manufacturer recommends that the consumer first clean the iron pipe with a toothbrush and then use the pressure of the tap water to put the water pipe. The dirt inside is discharged, so that the filter in the electric faucet is not easy to be blocked. The faucet manufacturer suggests that the filter in the electric faucet can be cleaned repeatedly and conveniently. After installing the electric faucet, first adjust the handle to the “cold water” position, then open the main valve and see that there is water sprayed from the hot water and then plug in the power to heat it.

Instant electric faucets, also known as hot water faucets, are the industry's faucet manufacturers are basically referred to as electric faucets. It was named after it opened hot water in 3-5 seconds.

Principle: The new insulated and heat conductive material magnesium oxide powder used by some faucet manufacturers has the features of high density, ultra-fine and full filling, which makes the heated heating body and the outer wall reliably separated from each other so as to achieve complete electrical isolation from water.

Instant hot water faucets:

1 Use safer, no air pollution

2 water temperature is not affected by water pressure, the phenomenon of hot and cold will not appear when showering

3 to avoid the violent noise of the forced drain water heater

4 Easy to install, no need to tap professional manufacturers, no need to consider the issue of exhaust emissions

5 do not have to consider the trouble of going to the faucet manufacturers every month

6 Adjust the water temperature in the bathroom to avoid indoor use, the outdoor adjustment of the awkward situation

7 compact and space-free

8 affordable, less expensive than buying a single tap plus a heating device

Faucet manufacturers on instant hot water taps

1. When purchasing, turn the faucet handle gently to observe the gap between the faucet and the switch. Usually, the leading quality of the switch is seamless, unobstructed, and non-skid. In addition, observe the tightness of the components of the faucet, especially the main components.

2, look at the appearance: high-quality hot taps are mostly processed fine, the surface finish of the metal plating is good, close to the mirror effect, from a different point of view, the curve of the reflection is smooth.

3, see the mark: regular faucet manufacturers taps, the box should clearly write the faucet manufacturer's detailed address and contact information, non-formal faucet manufacturers of products or shoddy products often only have some paper labels, faucet manufacturers Most of the addresses are not very specific, and you must pay attention when purchasing.

4. Listen to the sound: A good faucet should be made of cast copper as a whole. The sound of sounding is boring. If the sound is very brittle, it is made of stainless steel and the quality is worse than a grade.

5, to see how long the warm-up time, power consumption and other data, according to their economic conditions permit, choose products that can suit their own price

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