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Faucet manufacturers emphasize safety and water saving

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: May 10, 2018

Faucet manufacturers emphasize safety and water saving

Faucet manufacturers closely follow new regulations on safety and water saving in the major export markets, and fully consider these factors when designing products. Professional engineers and precision processing equipment, processing technology standards, high precision, even if it is a screw quality, it will not be ignored. The components of the faucet have a high degree of fit and perform well. The affiliated sanitary ware faucet manufacturers focus on technology research and development and the use of new materials, and use new technologies to enhance the added value of the faucets.

The new product is equipped with a water-saving device. This feature is in line with international standards. Many faucet manufacturers pay great attention to this point. Union Bang Sanitary Ware improves its internal procurement system, carefully selects materials, and strictly controls. High-quality brass is the main material. The lead content of the faucet wholesale is lower than the national GB/T1176 lead standard, away from harmful metal elements and protecting human health. The valve core is a top-level ceramic chip with a copper shell, and the high-hardness ceramic chip has passed 300,000 tests.

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