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Faucet appearance process how to choose

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jun 01, 2018

Faucet appearance process how to choose?

However, in recent years, with the advancement of skills, faucet products are dazzling. In order to match different styles of home design, faucets are more colorful, and there are also various wonderful appearances in terms of gloss, texture, and texture. However, the result of the faucet's exquisite "clothing" is the appearance processing technique that Xiao Bian wants to introduce with you today.

The common faucet surface treatment process includes chrome plating, PVD, baking paint, brush drawing, ORB, etc. They have their own characteristics and can bring different feelings to our bathhouse.


The most common processing method for taps on the market is that chromium is a silvery white, slightly bluish-colored metal. Chromium also has a strong passivation capability, and is not susceptible to changes in wet environments, and can maintain its external gloss permanently. The appearance of similar precious metals is very decorative, so chrome-plated faucets are now more popular with consumers.


PVD is the accumulation of physical vapors. It is a widely used advanced external surface treatment technology. Under vacuum conditions, the gas or transpiration material is partially ionized using gas discharges, and the transpiration or its reactants are deposited on the substrate together with gas ions or ion bombardment by the transpiration material.

PVD's rich colors are rich and elegant, excellent resistance to harsh environments, easy to clean, fade-free performance makes it liked by consumers.


The base of the faucet is marked with a primer and a top coat. Each time the paint is applied, it is sent to a clean and constant-temperature paint room for electric or far-infrared high-temperature baking to cure the paint layer. The lacquer faucet is lubricated with a glossy finish that gives a visual appearance similar to that of a piano, making the entire product look extremely hierarchical.


Drawing processing brings metal texture to the faucet. According to the decorative requirements of the faucet, under the action of external force, the appearance is made into a grain. The drawing processing is divided into stainless steel drawing, nickel drawing, drawing, and the processing makes the visual effect of the faucet thick The feeling of being together is very delicate and it shows a restrained beauty.


The ORB process is performed on copper or copper plating, oxidation-dyeing into bronze or black, followed by drawing or polishing, and finally oil injection. Unlike bronze, ORB tends to be black and brown, and the edges of the corners have a red, brushed texture. Products processed through ORB will have a delicate feel, giving it a deep and deep intrinsic color with a dense retro flavor.

Appropriate appearance processing, can make the faucet's overall modeling level rich and full, choose the right tap, can also become the crowning touch with the bathhouse, so that each opening is a pleasure.

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