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Fast-selling electric water heater sales diversification Can consumers accept it?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 09, 2018

Fast-selling electric water heater sales diversification Can consumers accept it?

As the challenge of diverse differentiation in marketing has grown, the combination of more sophisticated marketing tools and sales models has begun to emerge in the fast-fired electric water heater companies. In addition to putting resources into areas and customers with the greatest profit potential, fast-fired electric water heater companies must also pay attention to media and sales efforts that are most likely to achieve such profits. With the steady development of the real estate industry, the pre-fiery property market has brought about rigid demand, let the rapid thermal electric water heater market transition from cold to midsummer.


       This means that while investing in those advertising media that have proven effective, cut down on new tools that have not yet been sufficiently validated and focus resources on sales representatives while streamlining the central back office function. There is no consistent model to show whether the traditional tools or new tools perform better in terms of scope, cost, and quality. Therefore, marketers must make their own objective comparisons so as not to hesitate to remove ineffective tools and support highly influential tools with confidence.

    Redefinition of sales functions


    In order to increase profits, fast-fired electric water heater companies usually try to reduce their daily sales expenses during difficult times, and at the same time concentrate resources on the front-line sales teams. However, the sales team uses a different support system than ever before. These are so important that they cannot be cut indiscriminately: they play a strategic role in the sales process, serving the most profitable customers, and It is important to convert potential customers into new customers. If senior executives severely reduce this support function during extensive cost-cutting actions, they are at risk of seriously undermining the effectiveness of the sales force.


    If fast-fired electric water heater companies have to cut costs by 10%. If some product specialists, industry-specific sales managers, and telemarketing support are cut, this may lead to a decrease in sales leads and a decrease in the sales success rate. The sales volume will be reduced by the same number of salespeople or account managers as that of the instant-water heater enterprises. Seriously. Similarly, if the lean pricing and competitor analysis teams also lead to poor pricing decisions, which will reduce profit levels or waste time on sales leads that have no return. After analyzing the success rate and profit rate of the new contract, the person in charge of sales confirms that retention of product experts and pricing experts is critical to maintaining profitability.


    In other words, fast-fired electric water heater companies do not necessarily have to cut down on daily expenses in a one-size-fits-all manner and can rationally design their sales plans while maintaining their performance in a variety of ways. Assessing current sales coverage patterns can help the rapid-fired electric water heater companies determine which sales and sales support models are more effective for what types of customers and sales, and then rebalance resources as needed. In practice, this approach may require the online processing of new orders from repeat customers, the completion of basic sales and customer management tasks through telemarketing representatives, and the use of larger response teams to handle major order negotiation requests.


    Another important step is to analyze the winning or losing ratios in difficult customer negotiations, while considering whether the sales support teams are most effective and which teams contribute the least and can therefore be reduced. Streamlining the after-sale process and determining the appropriate level of customer support can also reduce costs. A key to all these moves is understanding the expectations of customers and understanding the importance of after-sales support for the overall customer experience. This meticulous approach can help sales and marketing executives more confidently identify areas of cost savings and protect employees and programs that directly contribute to profitability.


    In short, fast-fired electric water heater companies that have acted in accordance with the old laws of the past may be chasing those markets and sub-sectors that currently have poor gravitational pull, and invest too much of their resources in traditional marketing methods and first-line sales personnel. To avoid these costly mistakes, marketing and sales executives must dynamically re-evaluate the priorities of their regions, customers, advertising, and sales force, and always pay attention to this ever-changing economic situation, with a win-win marketing and sales strategy. Deal with the market.


    In the traditional industry, there is no such thing as a rapid heating electric water heater industry is suitable for all means of transmission, which is the characteristics of other products do not have.


      Redefinition of advertising tools


    The scope and cost of advertising tools represent their effectiveness, thus ignoring the quality of the advertising tools themselves, that is, their ability to influence customers. Quality is the easiest to measure in direct business. It can accurately determine the return on investment generated by sending out product catalogs and e-mails. However, for more difficult-to-measure tools such as television, product placement marketing, and sponsorship activities, there are ways to estimate the quality and prioritize accordingly.


    The rapid-fired electric water heater companies combine the multiple sources of information by maximizing the accuracy of their quality assessments through customer quantitative surveys, post-event discussion groups and seminars. Some of the consumer goods companies that conducted such research activities found that the consensus formed therein is in good agreement with more in-depth quantitative research. Regardless of how the rapid-fired electric water heater companies form their quality assessment, the real effect comes from combining this analysis with data on the scope and cost of advertising tools.

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