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Electric water heater purchase error

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Electric water heater purchase error

When consumers purchase electric water heaters, they often hear the so-called “explainations” of businesses. In fact, the propaganda of some businesses is purely misleading. Industry experts pointed out that there are four major misunderstandings in the market as follows.

First, the power outage: its role is to automatically cut off the power in use, after the use of automatic restoration of a safety device. Actually, it is impossible to avoid the possibility of electric shock, because it only cuts off the power supply when the water flows out. If there is a hidden danger of electric leakage at this time, the electric shock will be caused by the restoration of power supply when the water is turned off. In addition, if electricity has been drained before use, electric shock may occur at the beginning of use due to the metal access. The safe method of use should be to install a reliable ground wire for the electric water heater and use a power cord with a leakage protector.

Second, the hydropower separation heating tube: Some manufacturers deliberately stressed that they are separated by heating and water heating tubes, in fact, the water heater used in the heating water pipes are separated. And as long as manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards, its safety performance is very high. At present, most electric water heaters use direct heating type heating tubes. Such heating tubes have the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, durability and reliability, and simple manufacturing and installation.

Third, the role of magnesium rod: Almost all manufacturers are promoting the role of magnesium rod is "strong cleaning, soften water, care of the skin." In fact, the real effect of the magnesium stick is anti-corrosion, but it will harden the water, causing serious scaling and, of course, adverse effects on the skin.

Fourth, blindly "Chongyang" psychology: In the era of increasingly "homogeneous" goods, it should be said that the state-owned brand of electric water heaters and foreign brands have been technically difficult to distinguish, even in some ways beyond the other. Moreover, state-owned brands have obvious advantages in terms of price, familiarity with regional culture and after-sales services. Therefore, there is no absolute basis for the pet foreign brand and foreign technology, and this kind of psychology is easily exploited by some inferior domestic products in the market that are known as "foreign manufacturing and foreign technology."

Many people think that as long as the electric water heater can still work do not need to be replaced, in fact, the life of the electric water heater should not exceed 6 years, more than there will be security risks. The incorrect use of electric water heaters is more likely to lead to accidents, and hopes that the use of electric water heaters described in the small series above, as well as the contents of electric water heaters to buy errors, can help everyone understand electric water heaters.

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