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Teach you how to instantly adjust the electric water heater to achieve 50% power saving

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 04, 2018

Teach you how to instantly adjust the electric water heater to achieve 50% power saving

We teach you how to make your home's instant electric water heater save power?

Because the instant-type electric water heater is dependent on electricity to heat, and ultimately reach the bath temperature we need a process. So many people think that electric water heaters must be very power-consuming. In fact, this is not the case. That is, the effective electric energy utilization rate of a hot-water heater is at least 80%, which is much higher than that of an instant-type electric water heater that heats the water in the inner pot by heating rods. At the temperature we set, the heater stops heating. The following points are used for power saving using instant electric water heaters:

1. For households that do not use hot water frequently, this refers to hot water bathing for at least two days. The frequency of use is not high. For such a family, we recommend that one hour before the bath start the heating, after the bath is closed, the usual Water heater is turned off. This minimizes the power consumption and thus saves electricity costs to the maximum extent.

2, for the use of water heaters every day, only used for bathing, hot water consumption is not a large family, we recommend that you open an instant electric water heater heating about one hour before the bath. If you take a bath every day for a fixed amount of time, you can purchase a computer-controlled water heater product, using its scheduled heating function. After the bath, turn off the heater.

3, for the situation has been in use (usually refers to the salon and other commercial users) that can only maintain the status of the hot-water heater normally open, but also according to the number of guests to properly adjust the temperature of hot water. In order to save electricity to the maximum extent.

4, for the regular use of the situation (usually a kitchen and bathroom using a water heater, cooking, washing dishes, bathing are hot water) we recommend that keep the water heater is always on, according to the frequency of use and the use of hot water The amount of hot water to adjust the temperature, the amount of use is not large, you can lower the temperature a little, use a large amount of circumstances can be adjusted a little higher.

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