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Do you know how to care for your electric water heater?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 03, 2018

Do you know how to care for your electric water heater?

Many users will use electric water heaters, but also enjoy the good shower time brought by electric water heaters, but it is totally unrecognisable to maintain electric water heaters, and it is not concerned. In fact, knowing how to care for and maintain an electric water heater has an unexpectedly important effect on its long-lasting comfortable bathing experience.

First of all, in the installation, users of electric water heaters need to do the following:

      1. Ask a professional installer to install an electric water heater.

      2. Before installation, be sure to check whether the circuit is reliably grounded, and select the proper socket and power cord according to the size of the electric water heater.

      3, to install the electric water heater on a solid wall, the location of the installation is best to facilitate maintenance and maintenance.

      4, when installing the location of the electric water heater outlet, it must be considered as far away as possible from the electric water heater, it is best to 2 meters or more, so as to avoid the shower sprayed water contact with the power outlet caused by electric shock.

      5, pay attention to avoid rain.

      6. After the installation is completed, be sure to ask the installer to perform relevant safety inspections and operation demonstrations and explain how to use them.

Second, in the use of the electric water heater to do these things:

      1, anti-dry burning: When there is no water in the sensing tank, it will automatically power off to prevent the heater dry.

      2, anti-high temperature: When the thermostat does not work, the water temperature continues to rise, in order to prevent the use of water burns, when the water temperature reaches a certain temperature automatically shut down.

      3, anti-overpressure: When the water pressure is too high, the pressure relief valve works to protect the liner.

      4. Leakage protection: When it is sensed in the line, shell or water, it will be automatically powered off within 0.1 seconds to protect it.

      5. Anti-electricity wall: When the internal heat pipe of the electric water heater is damaged or the external bladder is energized (the ground wire is energized), that is, the water in the electric water heater enters 220V. When the person bathes, the 220V voltage in the electric water heater is added to the human body. People are at risk of electric shock; in this case, if a resistor R is inserted between the water heater and the human body, when the series resistance R is large enough, the acceptable voltage U is less than 12 volts and 12 volts. Is a safe voltage, the voltage is lower than 12 volts will not cause harm to the human body. The patented insulation wall independently researched and developed by Anlabeier, complete water and electricity isolation, safety is more secure.

      6, all-ground leakage protection.

      7. Two kinds of heating technology are used: one is the superconducting aluminum-titanium alloy heating technology, but the German anti-electric heating system realizes the separation of water and electricity, and the human-machine safety and reliability.

      8, then leakage protection switch.

Whether in the installation of electric water heaters or the use of protection links, we must pay attention to details and pay attention to matters needing attention. Be a committed person in life, do related work in advance, and enjoy a safer and more comfortable bathing time.

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