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Do hot water heaters consume electricity?

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Do hot water heaters consume electricity?

Now that instant-type electric water heaters have slowly entered the thousands of households, it is small, for many now just need a structure of the house is very good. However, the power of instant-type electric water heaters is generally relatively high, so that the installation of instant-type electric water heaters has certain special requirements for the lines, and generally require the national standard lines of more than 4 square millimeters. However, the instant hot water heater has a high power, so many friends who want to buy it will have a misunderstanding: The high power of the electric hot water heater must consume power. This is not the case. Because the power consumption is equal to the power times the time. In simple terms, to increase 10 liters of water from 20 degrees to 50 degrees, the energy needed is constant. Whether you are using instant electric water heaters or storage-type electric water heaters or even gas water heaters, solar water heaters all good. All need fixed energy to allow 10 liters of water to rise from 20 degrees to 50 degrees.

In fact, whether the power consumption is not the power of the water heater, but depends on the conversion rate and heat loss of the water heater. According to the previous formula, power consumption = power X time. The energy that we need for water is fixed, that is, the power consumption is fixed, and the power is shorter. Therefore, the power of the instant-type electric water heater is not higher than that of the storage-type electric water heater, but only the length of time used in the heating process. In fact, even though the power of the instant-type electric water heater is high, it is more energy-efficient than the ordinary electric water heater, because the storage-type electric water heater is to be heated for more than tens of minutes, and a large amount of heat will appear during the heating process. Lost. Instant electric water heater power but does not need to wait, that is, open and heat. In comparison, it is more power-efficient.


In terms of conversion rate. Its core is the heater. The thermal efficiency of pure copper is not much. Of course, the advantages of pure copper liner electric water heater is not just such a one.


On the market, the power of electric hot water heaters is generally 6.5 kilowatts to 9.5 kilowatts. Only a few excellent high-end technology manufacturers can overcome this bottleneck. Degussa's instant electric water heater power is 5.5 to 15 kilowatts.


I believe through the above brief introduction, many consumers who want to buy instant electric water heaters but feel that they will be very good electricity can lift this doubt, and hope that the compact and simple instant electric water heater can bring warmth to your loved ones. Convenience.

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