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Difference between gas and electric water heaters!

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 03, 2018

Difference between gas and electric water heaters!

Advancing with the times, choose a lot, electric water heaters and gas water heaters, solar energy, etc., which kind of more money and better use? Let's take an account with you!

First, the price is convenient for comparison

From the price alone, gas water heaters are actually more economical than electric water heaters, but they cost a penny. Gas water heaters have the same high and low electric water heaters.

Second, the operational comparison

Electric water heaters and gas water heaters have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of operation. Many electric water heaters have a fixed capacity. If there are many family members, a batch of batches of washing, and the gas water heater is unlimited, each time although it is open for some time. With hot water, it is easy to get hot and cold.

Third, the danger comparison

In fact, both of them have a certain degree of danger. Electric water heaters have electrical leakage because of electricity. Water gas heaters work through gas. When the combustion is not sufficient, carbon monoxide is produced. After inhalation, there is a danger of poisoning. Therefore, the water heater is generally not on the bathroom, as far as possible in the kitchen ventilation position.

Fourth, maintenance issues contrast

Many people have the habit of taking a shower every day. For long periods of use, the water heater also needs maintenance. In particular, electric water heaters need to be cleaned periodically.

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