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Brief description of bathtub shower faucet

Kukel International Group Limited | Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Brief description of bathtub shower faucet

 Some family owners like to use bath tubs. What are the types of bathtub shower taps? How can I buy a bathtub shower faucet with good quality?

Bathtub Shower Faucet Category:


  1. Bathtub faucet: It is installed on the top of the bathtub and is used to open hot and cold water. Can be connected to the hot and cold two pipes called double-type; open and close the flow of the structure of spiral lifting, metal ball valve, ceramic valve type and so on. The current market is more ceramic valve type single handle bathtub faucet. It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature, easy to use; ceramic valve core makes the faucet more durable and watertight. Bathtub faucet body made of brass, appearance of chrome, gold and various types of metal baking


  2, shower faucet: It is installed above the shower room, used to open hot and cold mixed water. The valve body is also made of brass, with chrome plating and gold plating on the outside. The methods of opening and closing the water flow include screw lifting and ceramic valve cores. Shower faucets are divided into hose showers and wall-mounted shower heads; thermostatic taps with special functions, taps with filter devices and taps with pull-out hoses, etc., which have different requirements during installation.

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