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Instant Hot Flow Instant Water Heater

Instant Hot Flow Instant Water Heater

TANKLESS - Save up to 60% on your water heating cost with an Thermoflow electric tankless water heater .Distribution, start-up and technical systems losses as well as circulation and storage losses are eliminated. ENDLESS HOT WATER - No need to preheat before using.As soon as you open the tap,...

Instant Hot Flow Instant Water Heater

Instant Tankless
Model Number:KUL59-813
Voltage/Frequency(V/Hz): 220V50-60Hz
Power Consumption(KW): 6.6/ 7.5/8.5
Electrical Current(A): 30A/40A
Temp control: Flow Control, Below 60℃
Overheat protection: YES
Water Resistance: IPX4
Product Dimension(mm): 310x210x96
Net Weight(Mail body (kg): 2.8
Suggested Min Cable Size(mm): 6/8


◆ Three-phase electric working mode, super large water flow, central water supply

◆ Real-time dual temperature display, constant temperature visible, more precise temperature control

◆All-pole leakage, over-temperature, solid-state anti-electric wall protection, no need to be grounded

◆ Real-time display of time, flow, power

◆LED screen dual temperature display

◆Super strong ion sterilization, purification, dust removal function

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